Consumers are increasingly aware of the importance of foods contributing to a healthy and balanced lifestyle. At Danish Crown Ingredients we have created MUSCLE TO MUSCLE® (M2M®) nutritional protein ingredients in collaboration with development institutions and customers.

M2M® protein ingredients are tissue specific and highly soluble hydrolysate powders that satisfy individual and national preferences as to taste, appearance and nutritional value. They represent highly digestible proteins with amino acid profiles similar to lean meat well suited for nutritional purposes. Applied in accordance with official nutritional guidelines and regulations, M2M® quality ingredients enable natural and safe protein supplementation of both mainstream meat and savory foods as well as functionally designed nutrition foods and supplements. (Nutritional guidelines and regulations on protein supplementation issued by WHO and regulatory bodies such as the Ministry of Environment and Food of Denmark).

M2M® Range - Porcine

  • M2M® Perform P 

M2M® Range - Bovine