We are offering a wide range of raw and processed products made from swine. The range includes fresh organs, trimmings, blood, fat and protein hydrolysates. Depending on product and application, the goods may be used for Human, Category 3 or Category 2 applications; please contact us for specific requirements and needs.

Fresh Products

Processed ingredients - food

Processed ingredients - pharma

Processed ingredients - human nutrition

  • CiPro HPH
    Hydrolysed protein from porcine heart as raw material.
  • CiPro HPHE
    Hydrolysed protein from porcine haemoglobin as raw material.
  • CiPro HPM
    Hydrolysed protein from porcine meat as raw material.

Processed ingredients - Animal feed

*Category 3 raw materials are collected from animals that have undergone veterinary inspection before and after slaughter. Nutritious Cat. 3 raw materials may be used as feed material for fur animals and pets.